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The Suffolk Stationary is constructed in Maple or Oak, but may also be made of other hardwoods subject to availability, at an additional charge.

2″ foam is placed on 3/4″ veneered plywood, has been routered with a 1/4″ round over bit to remove keen edges and is covered with quality scrub able vinyl.

Features include height adjustable legs from 24″ to 34″ at increments of 5/8 of an inch by simply flipping the legs end for end.  Each of the leg holes are 1 1/4″ apart.

A plug in headrest is included with this table and can be used at either end of the table to extend the longevity of the vinyl and to defer reupholstering costs.

A storage shelf for sheets, bolsters etc., is attached to the bottom of the main legs and has been re-enforced, should children wish to ‘nap’ during a treatment.  Enclosed cabinets can be included, at an additional charge.

The Suffolk Stationary (normally 27″ x 6′) can be adapted with plug in arm rests to accommodate special needs patients.  Wider widths are also available.

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